Workshop – Practical standards work – Electrosuisse

Workshop – Practical standards work

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Introduction to standards work as a technical expert

Prerequisite for participation

Participation in a CES committee in which IEC and Cenelec working papers are regularly discussed and feedback is given in the form of votes and comments.

Goal of Workshop

Know the interrelationships in technical standardisation work and carry them out efficiently.

Competences taught

  • Knows the international standards organisation IEC as well as the European standards organisation Cenelec and how they work.
  • Knows the role of the Swiss National Committee CES
  • Knows the relationship diagram of the standard-setting organisations
  • Knows the essential IT tools for standardisation work
  • Knows the different IEC and Cenelec processes for technical documents and their sequence from start to publication
  • Knows the consensus building process in national bodies
  • Can read voting reports
  • Can personalise the IEC newsletter
  • Has basic information on standards documents and their legal status