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Cigré Study Committees:

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (TOR) describe the most important parameters of the relevant working group to ensure efficient work. Enquiries regarding involvement must be sent to the respective Secretary or President of the Study Committee, see the website of the relevant Study Committee.

  • A1 Rotating Electrical Machines
  • A2 Transformers
  • A3 High Voltage Equipment
  • B1 Insulated Cables
  • B2 Overhead Lines
  • B3 Substations
  • B4 HVDC and Power Electronics
  • B5 Protection and Automation
  • C1 System Development and Economics
  • C2 System Operation and Control
  • C3 System Environmental Performance
  • C4 System Technical Performance
  • C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation
  • C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation
  • D1 Materials and Emerging Technologies
  • D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication


  • NC : National Committee
  • SC : Study Committee
  • TC : Technical Committee (Head Office)
  • TF : Task Force
  • WG : Working Group
  • JWG: Joint Working Group

Terms of Reference

The individual TOR can be downloaded using the table below and are each allocated to a Study Committee.


List without claim to completeness: each of one PDF file (generally, one page, approx. 30 kB)

Cross-sectoral TOR - Joint WG - are listed below and available for download.