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Benefiting from the network versatility

The Electrosuisse network is as versatile as its 5,000 individual members and 2,000 company members are. As an independent and acknowledged professional association, we provide with neutral platforms for knowledge transfer, exchanging and supporting the issues of our industry.


Professional associations

Our established professional societies, the Energy Technology Society (ETG), the Information Technology Society (ITG), and e‘mobile provide an opportunity to take a closer look at the diverse array of specific issues related to electrical, energy and information technology or to energy-efficient mobility.


Our expert groups deal with such issues as new renewable energies, hardware, automation or software engineering. Our expert groups are made up of ETG, ITG, e’mobile and work in standardisation while receiving support from related institutions.


Expert panels

Comité Electrotechnique Suisse, or CES, is the Swiss national committee in the worldwide and European standardisation organisations, IEC and Cenelec. We represent the Swiss interests in the IED (International Electrotechnical Commission in Geneva) and Cenelec (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation in Brussels).


Cigré (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) is the most important international, technical-scientific organisation in the field of high-voltage technology.


CIRED (Congrès International des Réseaux Électriques de Distribution) is an international association whose aim is to make acquired knowledge and experience in electrical energy distribution accessible to all participants of the CIRED activities.


Electrosuisse heads the national secretariats of Cigré and CIRED in Switzerland.



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