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naturemade basic - naturemade star

More and more electricity plants are offering energy products certified in accordance with naturemade basis and naturemade star.


Our accreditation for the naturemade certification is therefore a complement to the certification for KEV and HKN.


Electrosuisse ist seit 2011 durch den Verein für umweltgerechte Energie dazu akkreditiert, erneuerbare und ökologische Energie nach den Qualitätslabel naturemade basic und naturemade star zu auditieren. Es werden sowohl Produktionsanlagen als auch Energieprodukte nach diesen Label auditiert.


  • naturemade basic stands for energy from 100% renewable sources and protects the environment.


  • For the naturemade star certified energy production, in addition to the naturemade basic criteria, additional, very strict ecological standards apply. On the one hand, global criteria need to be fulfilled regarding the life cycle of the production system and on the other hand, the local-regional criteria.   

The inspection of the production and selling quantities from certified production, compliance with the ecological criteria and the correct management of the fund for ecological improvement measures are an important part of the audit. With the energy products, compliance with the subsidy model requirements, the internal energy management and the correct communication are specifically examined.