We move with the times

Our accredited auditors conduct notarisations of your production systems for renewable energies throughout Switzerland. Our naturemade certification forms the perfect complement to this.


We move with the times. And this requires new solutions for power supply. One step is going in the direction of renewable energies. So that energy producers can claim the cost-covering grid feeding fees, they must have their systems notarised respectively certified. 

We are your partner and will help you to provide the required evidence to Pronovo. Our accreditation is comprehensive. We are authorised to notarise solar, wind, hydro power and biomass regarding certification of origin (HKN) and (HKN) and the cost-covering grid feeding fee (KEV).
For the Association for Environmentally Compatible Energy we are accredited to audit renewable and ecological energy production and products according to the naturemade basic and naturemade star label.