Sicherheitskonzept für den Umgang an elektrischen Anlagen.

Safe and organised, thanks to a clear concept

The avoidance of personal injury and damage to property has a top priority. The task of any company owner is to operate an electrical system that is as safe as possible and protect his employees.

The law (Art. 12 of the Ordinance on Heavy Current) requires a safety concept. However, this should not be seen as a burden, but rather, as an opportunity. With the help of a safety concept, you can define the responsibilities in the company and require careful handling of electrical systems. Promote the expertise of your employees and protect everyone from electrical hazards.

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Is the responsibility and are access rights regarding working and system safety regulated?
  • Is the personnel instructed in operational handling and activities?
  • Who is authorised to carry out work and activities near live systems?
  • Which immediate measures need to be undertaken in the case of malfunctions and accidents?


With the Electrosuisse safety concept, binding instructions are created for the personnel for given operational situations and event. The concept specifies the responsibility, the training concept and the emergency.